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More about the touch typing tutor that guarantees you will be able to type words like "stewardesses" WITHOUT looking at the keyboard after 35 minutes of starting . . . so long as you say the association words aloud and DON'T look at the keyboard
What other words will I be able to type after 1 hour?
Click here for complete list (Exercise B)
How fast is it in total?
After 35 minutes, you will be able to type the above list WITHOUT looking at the keyboard! After 2 hours, you can take ANY book off your bookshelf and type ANY page . . . again, WITHOUT looking at the keyboard!
How much is it?
Aust$30 (around US$20)
I sell my typing tutor to people all over the world who want to learn to touch type FAST and, then, get on with more computer training
Why did you create Nail It Now Typing Tutor?
I created my typing tutor for a neighbour who found other touch typing tutors too complex and boring (she just wanted to learn to type). She had been trying for 5 weeks and hadn't even typed the letter "G"
Do I have to download a computer program?
NO! When I receive your order email, I email you the passwords to access Nail It Now Typing Tutor online
You read the READ pages online and, then, print the ACTION and Exercise pages. You, then, open Microsoft Word and increase the font size to 20
Then, using the quirky association words in your printed copy of the ACTION pages, you type away and SEE the WORDS you type on your word processing screen as you would in "real life". You don't use up Internet time nor are you trapped in a computer program!
How do I order?
Nail It Now Touch Typing Tutor order links are on the left side of every page
How soon do I receive the access passwords after I order?
The MINUTE I receive your order
If it's boring, I WON'T continue with your typing tutor!!!
There's no time to be bored! Unlike other touch typing tutors where you endlessly repeat one LETTER to commit it to memory, you type WORDS, without looking at the keyboard, within 5 minutes of starting my touch typing tutor. This gives you a great sense of achievement immediately and you WANT to continue!
Does it include practice EXERCISES?
Yes! They comprise every widely-used word in my dictionary (with the exception of a few rude ones) AND, once you have completed the exercises, you will be able to type ANYTHING!
AND the great thing is that you can practice ANYWHERE! You are not tied to a typing software program on your computer
OK, you are sitting in a waiting room with nothing to do except read magazines (how lovely!). Look around you for posters or signs on the walls, think of the starting keys and association words and tap the letters out on your knee. You can do this anywhere; walking down the street, in a traffic jam, anywhere!
DO you have a demo that I can try out before ordering?
Not just a demo, I have a FREE preview of Nail It Now Touch Typing Tutor, so you don't have to take my word for any of the above, you can find out how amazingly easy and fast it is for yourself
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