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"Georgie . . . a quick note to thank you for the new passwords; it's a great program and I will start this week to master it"
Geoff Barnes
September 2, 2015
"I am thrilled to be typing this without looking at the keys - all because of your crazy story which I have basically forgotten. I do look at the keys for commas, dashes, numbers but that isn't onerous. I can remember "which animals? The animals in the Queensland Zoo". What a splendid way to learn.
I have recommended your programme to several people over the years, but it seems to me that although people want to learn they don't really push through even when a free left hand is available to them. If only they realised how quick it is to learn and how much fun it is using your approach.
I'm usually extremely reluctant about having my name on the net, but believe that your innovative teaching warrants the support from those who gain from it. It only took about two weeks to learn to type using your method"
Russell Armstrong
Temuka, New Zealand
June 23, 2015
"My son did his left hand and he loved it!!!"
Rocio Neill
Austin, Texas USA
June 5, 2015
"I learnt to touch type years ago using Georgie's wonderful system and wanted my son to try it. Ordinary, metronomic typing tutors drove me mad in seconds, but Georgie's approach is human and natural. We are story telling creatures, which is why I think the Nail It Now keyboarding method works so well. Surely the best typing tutor, for humans, ever!"
Miles Daffin
Radstock, Somerset United Kingdom
April 9, 2015
"Learning the Left hand was really easy and fun; now we really need the Right hand too. Looks great !!"
Simone Steenberg
Bentley, WA Australia
September 29, 2014
"Hooray for Nail it Now! This program does something most online typing games don't Ö teach you how to use the entire keyboard in a short time. My son learned the word associations quickly and improved his typing speed by 6 words per minute after just 5 hours of instruction and practice. He still has a lot of practice ahead in order to increase his speed, but now he can do his class work and typing practice without having to look at the keys thus gaining much needed muscle memory experience with every stroke. Thank you Nail it Now for developing something so simple to teach and easy to learn!"
Seattle, WA USA
September 6, 2014
"Convincing. Looking forward to nailing it"
Mary Hayes
McKinnon, Vic Australia
January 13, 2014
Many years ago, I stumbled on your great idea. I thought I'd catch on to the touch typing skill over time, but as new applications came along for me, such as Gmail, Wordpress, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter, I just assumed that I'd pick it up.
But I didn't make time to PRACTISE and actually LEARN the skill. I am intelligent but somewhat uncoordinated and I overused that as an EXCUSE for not devoting time for practice. Also, I easily fell into the historical excuse that I was never taught to type in my boys' school as typing (pre-computers) was a dainty-fingered woman's world.
I often meant to purchase your refreshingly different programme and I always remembered the name GEORGIE and often NAILITNOW. Good intentions.
Finally I am biting the bullet.I love mnemonics and have loved books teaching languages by mnemonics. Why then haven't I nailed-it-now? It would have helped me save countless hours looking down at the keyboard. It might even have helped get me a path of study AND career instead of being a professionally unemployed person
Paul Tobias
Richmond, Vic Australia
October 10, 2013
My 15yo boy has tried the left hand side, and loves it. So we look forward to your package - I have 3 teenagers who should have learned to touch type a long time ago!"
East Brighton, Vic Australia
April 26, 2013
"Hi, tried out the left side and blown away with how simple a method it is and how effective it is"
Steve McFadden,
Rockingham Beach, WA Australia
January 25, 2013
"May I have the current password, please. It is time for my next child to learn to type. Thanks."
Lori Williams
Fayetteville, GA USA
August 24, 2012
"Hello Georgie, I would like to thank you for your amazing method. It helped me a lot. I have always wished to type correctly and without looking at the keyboard and now, thanks to you, it is possible; however, I need to practice more to improve my speed. Have a nice day"
Mojgan Ebrahimi
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
August 6, 2012
"I looked at many typing sites; totally boring until I came across yours"
Ali Somers
McLaren Vale, South Australia
March 17, 2012
"Thanks Georgie, best $30.00 spent, now time to practice"
Tracey Boomer
Andrews Farm, South Australia
February 16, 2012
"I have already used the free intro (great idea to give this away for free). It gives you a no-obligation trial and, once you complete the lesson and see such fast results, you HAVE to learn more. So I'm now ordering....THANKYOU !!! "
Belinda Curry
Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia
October 12, 2011
"Look forward to its use - it's a wonderful thing when someone can strive for and achieve excellence - particularly when they successfully reinvent the mousetrap!"
Mouna Horani
St. Leonard, Quebec Canada
July 3, 2011
"It is brilliant. I found the preview very usefull and convincing"
Muntasir Said
Canberra, ACT Australia
May 11, 2011
"I found the programme very useful with a special needs pupil. She responded well to the mnemonics used to help you to remember the keys and we revise them using the whiteboard on a regular basis. I also made her a Glance Card with the mnemonics on it (an A4 size laminated card which she can take home showing the position of the keys and the mnemonics from your programme that go with the keys)
When asked why she likes the programme, she said it was because it involves typing real words as opposed to lines of letters such as was used in another programme we tried. It is also more grown up and more suited to use with an older girl, which she feels herself to be at age 11
She became quite quick at the left hand exercises and got a lot of satisfaction out of seeing herself making progress through the pages of words. She looked forward to her sessions every day"
Catherine Lucy Gahan
Ballyroebuck National School, Bunclody
Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Ireland
March 18, 2011
"I was recently asked to cover a keyboarding class for kids 8-10 yrs. I didn't have enough time to actually prepare any material, so I searched the internet and found a sample lesson from your website. I was hooked; it's such a fantastic product. I got instantaneous results and satisfaction after a little under an hour. This has convinced me to purchase your product"
Angelo Almonte
Los Angeles City College
Los Angeles, California USA
February 27, 2011
"I love it, so simple and so amazingly effective - you are a genius! I will shortly end decades of frustration"
Steven Bliss
Rosebery, NSW Australia
December 7, 2010
"I liked your product better than similar offerings"
Stephanie Oley
Lilyfield, NSW Australia
December 1, 2010
"Love it. Learnt so much just off the demo. Had to purchase it"
Wayne Richards
Woodroffe, NT Australia
November 28, 2010
"Tried other tutors in the past, but with no success - tried the preview and I can see that this method has much more promise"
Paul Wells
Stockport, Lancashire UK
October 21, 2010
"I tried it out for 9 year old and liked it"
Kathleen Vaillancourt
Fall River, MA USA
October 4, 2010
"I was looking for a free tutor but, after doing your first lessons, I decided your programme was worth paying for"
Janet Blake
Bicton, WA Australia
June 16, 2010
"I really love your associations & looking forward to improving my (much needed) typing skills"
Melbourne, Vic Australia
December 8, 2009
"I did the preview and think it will be a good investment - I'm very committed to finally learning touch typing as quickly as possible"
Adelaide, SA Australia
December 4, 2009
"I'm quite amazed at how much easier it is to type, but I still need to practice. I sometimes chuckle as I type because I realise how simple this method is and Iím amazed at my typing skills. Many thanks"
Richmond, Victoria Australia
October 5, 2009
"Ally is really enjoying the typing and seems to be going well. She has been typing not only letters but legal documents also"
Rosemary Smith
Narrabri, NSW Australia
July 16, 2009
"Thank you so much for your wonderful tutor. Amazingly, I have learnt typing in less than three hours. I am also interested in the Microsoft Word program and I will be placing an order for that"
Susheela Matthews
White Plains, NY USA
September 3, 2008
"Having toyed around with touch typing for more years than I care to confess to, I am going to enrol in your inspiring course as soon as I have finished the introductory section. After mastering that skill, I intend to move on to your Word course . . . as you must have heard almost ad nauseum, I'm so glad I found you!"
Robert Searle
Bangkok, Thailand
June 4, 2008
"Once again, I'm really impressed with your method - well done!! I've been going over the trial session every day and it just seems to have sunk in. Have always admired people who can touch type thinking it would never be me but ,now, I'm determined! I will now go ahead and purchase access to your tutorial. Have a good day. With thanks"
Sue Riley
Dunbogan, NSW Australia
April 25, 2008
"I've tried Mavis Teaches Typing, but found it too childish and repetitive. I never got very far with it. I've tried your preview and I love it"
Heidi Davis
Flynn, ACT Australia
April 19, 2008
"Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. I went from doing the two finger tango on my keyboard to knowing the location of every key in a little less than two hours. Crazy thing is, I've known about this course for a couple of years, but waited until now to buy it. What was I thinking?"
Robert E Smith Jr
Marietta, GA USA
March 6, 2008
"This is the most unique typing program I've seen - to have word association with the keyboard letters - brilliant. We don't think in random letters, we think in words"
Reid Brendeland
Claremore, OK USA
January 15, 2008
"My 11 year old daughter has just completed the trial and loved it."
Barbara Young
Victoria, Australia
January 13, 2008
"This looks great - I tried the preview and liked it - can't wait to type!"
Nola Lopez
New York, NY USA
October 31, 2007
"I think you are wonderful!!!! I had a mental block about the computer (age 77), but now I am absolutely ecstatic! I am doing so well already with my left hand only. Thank you"
Ruth M Carter
Auckland, New Zealand
October 15, 2007
"I need to pass a job interview which required learning to type fast. This suited my learning style as I am suspected of being Dyslexic, yet I NAILED IT, just with the previews"
Upper Lansdowne, NSW Australia
September 9, 2007
"Thanks Georgie, logged in no problem at all. We are homeschoolers, so this morning's lesson will now be TYPING. Your program looks great to me, I have done typing courses in the past, but this makes much more sense. My son had lots of fun just using the demo and he GOT it, so we bought it!
You know we had so much fun with this on Friday, it ended up taking our whole school day in. I worked out a game (well it kind of just developed) where my son and I took turns to do each excercise. You have to complete each one 10 times (twice to show it wasn't luck) without making an error. If you make a mistake, then you have to start the whole excercise from the beggining!
Then we kept a tally of how many times it took to get the keys and words correct to see who was winning. Gosh it was so fun, the pressure is on! I can't explain it, it's so frustrating; but at the same time ADDICTIVE and rewarding. We used the rules of "no looking" and BOY how the brain has to work to think of the key. I've never laughed so much!
Maybe it can be something that other children can use? I had to stop the school day after going 1 hour overtime. My son wanted to keep playing!(myself included) He was at it again today (Saturday in Oz) lol
I never really learned how to fully touch type, even though I did courses at Uni. We have the left keys pretty much burned into our brains now and we will finish the word lists just for fun and further practice and, then, start the right side keys and excercises"
I think the game works because kids really do learn best when they are having fun, it applies to adults also. Well, many thanks again"
Steven & Wassana Thonphui
Pascoe Vale, Victoria Australia
August 11, 2007
"I have tried conventional typing tutors and never gotten anywhere. This sounds like a much more practical approach"
Ken Nauss
Halifax, NS Canada
August 10, 2007
"Your demo gave me the confidence to order and try!"
Steven White
Roseville Chase, NSW Australia
August 8, 2007
"I asked my daughter's teacher for a program and she did not know about it. She will now. My 10 y/o daughter has learnt LHS from the free trial and is excited and keen. Fantastic"
Rachel Edwards
South Fremantle, WA Australia
July 11, 2007
"Can't help but buy this. It seems a fantastically quick and easy approach"
Tina DiLorenzo
Tighes Hill, NSW Australia
June 27, 2007
"Thank you so much. I am doing the course and have to say that your associations are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I feel a bit sorry for the kangaroo though"
Laurie Power
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
June 11, 2007
"I bought the program in 2000, taught myself in no time. Now it is my kid's turn. Brilliant!"
Larisa Walker
Campbell, ACT, Australia
May 11, 2007
"It was interesting in terms of the colourful keyboards and funny phrases to remember the keyboard. However, it was very effective"
Voon Huey Chen
Adelaide, South Australia
December 6, 2006
"I like this program"
Tsungbow Gou
La Habra Heights, California USA
October 18, 2006
"Thanks so much for your program. It is so simple, so elegant, and it is WORKING for my son. He knows where all the keys are now and he has only been using it for a few minutes a day for the last couple of weeks. I am amazed! May our Lord bless YOU!"
Sherry Neuendorff
Austin, TX USA
September 4, 2006
"Having tried two other trial versions, this makes much more sense"
James Martin
Lititz, PA USA
August 19, 2006
"Just a quick message to let you know how thrilled I am with Nail It Now. After one weekend only, I am already able to type without looking, very slowly I might add, but better than ever before, hence the very short email!! Will let you know my progress in a couple of weeks. Many thanks"
Janet Aspinall
Frenchs Forest, NSW Australia
May 17, 2006
"Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial. Iíve been using other tutorials, typing nonsense key combinations, and it is great to be typing words that make sense! Iím about to start on the right side and Iíll let you know how I get on. Especially as Iím learning to touch type in the hope of getting a job"
Susan Handes
Ourimbah, NSW Australia
May 3, 2006
"I was impressed with the free trial!"
Lani Westcott
Sydney, NSW Australia
January 19, 2006
"Your trial seems to work better than other things I've tried -- at last, I might break from the limits of the HuntnPecker"
Janaki Ranpura
San Francisco, CA USA
January 15, 2006
"I found your Nail It Now Tutorial very helpful and want to improve my typing"
Mrs.Diana J Wombwell
Fulbourn, Cambridge England
January 7, 2006
"I looked at a few sites before yours. I like the way you think and present a logical approach to what could be a boring, drawn out exercise"
Sue Power
Eltham, Vic Australia
December 11, 2005
"Impressed with the fastest and easiest way of practical typing for everybody, young and old!"
Dr Mahmood
Pahang, Malaysia
December 8, 2005
"Your website did a nice job getting across an unconventional concept. Very clever"
Jeffrey White
Rushville, NY USA
November 21, 2005
"I was very impressed with the free trial"
David Kwadzo
London, UK
November 18, 2005
"I am enjoying the typing tutor very much. After one hour, my typing is noticeably better and much more fun! "
Leonard A Brennan
Atlantic Beach, FL USA
August 24, 2005
"I just taught my 11 year old (who gets BORED with ANY repetitous task and gives up or whines and even cries wanting to stop). But after about a minute on your preview sample, HE CONTINUED effortlessly, for the first time. WE BOTH enjoyed each other, me teaching him and him learning it! I kept looking at other typing tutors the internet had to offer, but they did not compare to your method!"
I have to admit the price seemed a little high, when I think that he almost has learned half of what is needed . . . but I just couldn't bear the thought of teaching him those other ways and that's why I decided to go ahead and buy your course! I hope the rest is as practical and EASY to learn as the preview?! THANKS"
Nilda Bienes
Casselberry, FL USA
May 27, 2005
"By the way, I am now quite adept as an novice typist, slow but capable, which is all I wanted. It's just great to be able to type without searching all over the keyboard to find where the letters are. By far the best typing tutor I have ever seen . . . and you can quote me on that. Thanks again"
Mr. Jack Dewhurst
Accrington, Lancashire, UK
February 27, 2005
"I have worked through your excellent typing tutor and am practising now! I love the direct simplicity of your Word tutorials. They speak to me in a way that people who know about computers can't, and I am not stupid, but they like to make you think that you are! So thank you, at last I have found my ideal tutor on the other side of the world"
Mrs Helen Parkes
Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK
January 27, 2005
"I really enjoyed the demo on your site. I had to learn the rest!"
Fran Paylor
Aston-Under-Lyne, Lancs, United Kingdom
November 9, 2004
"Just wanted to say that you are a living legend for thinking of this fast, user friendly way of learning how to touch type. Thank you soo much "
Emmaline Whiteside
Concord, New South Wales, Australia
October 21, 2004
"The course is great and has helped me improve my typing skills"
Keith Taylor
Wishart, Queensland, Australia
August 19, 2004
"Thank you for the typing course; I am really enjoying learning to type REAL words; I feel that not only am I getting a feel for where things are on the keyboard, but that I am also learning word- and letter-patterns
Being a visual and kinaesthetic type of learner, this is SO much more fulfilling than repetitive pushing of keys which form no useful letter- patterns"
Maria Locsei
Falkirk, Scotland
August 13, 2004
"Your typing tutor program helped my brother a lot. He is an excellent typist. Now I have been using it and it's helping me type faster and more accurately. Thank you very much. A very satisfied customer"
Ranjeet Paul (12 yrs.)
Spring, Texas USA
July 22, 2004
"I am very impressed with the impact that your preview has already had on my typing. I want to have my right hand "catch up" with my left"
Rebecca E. Davis
Alexandria, VA US
June 25, 2004
"Thanx for the typing program. I am loving it. Keep up the good work. I never thought I could type so fast with an occasional glance at the board"
Erika Lynn Robbins
Flagler Beach, FL US
June 4, 2004
"All my life I could never type without looking at the keys. I tried your typing tutor and was able to type all the words with my left hand without looking. It's very exciting!"
Beatrice C. Davis
San Antonio, TX US
May 29, 2004
"It's by far the best program that Iíve found"
Elisabeth Amey
Montreal, Canada
April 16, 2004
"Your idea of associations is absolutely brilliant"
Samuel Himelstein
Jerusalem, Israel
January 5, 2004
"Hi Georgie, thank you for the typing program. I am 54 and never thought that I would ever learn to type. I found your program fun and am now looking forward to the Microsoft Word program. Thank you again"
John Micallef
Melbourne, VIC Australia
September 25, 2003
"Loved the article on you! What a gift you have and what a blessing to so many. Thanks"
Buddy Shaw
Atlanta, Georgia USA
July 23, 2003
"I am a consultant and also taught programming at college level for three years. Though I was feeling comfortable with my "two finger" typing, the comfort was only when my eyes were glued to the keyboard! It was not only eating away my speed but also my computing potential
I tried FOUR different so called fastest typing tutors, but all my efforts resulted into zilch. I started thinking to myself like, I can learn anything but typing. Thanks to your "Nail It Now" typing tutor, I will say that it is AMAZING!! I couldn't believe my fingers typing so easily without looking at the keyboard. My deep rooted "two finger" typing not only vanished, but now I enjoy typing so much!! I will recommend it to anyone who is really serious about learning typing in a enjoyable way"
Sameer Chandra
Fairfax, VA USA
June 30, 2003
"I am loving your program"
Happy Reynolds
San Francisco, CA USA
May 1, 2003
"I am very pleased with my progress and I feel that your course will help me break the habits of a lifetime. I have tried other courses over the years, but I have never got so far so fast as I have with your course"
Don Taylor
Morrisburg, Ontario Canada
April 4, 2003
"Thanks for Nail It Now Typing Tutor. Its really helpful!"
Niketta Postlethwaite
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
February 10, 2003
"I'm an old dog learning new tricks, unlearning the 2 finger method and typing properly (its a bit harder when the dog is over 10 in dog years!). It's reached the point where I can practice on some useful work. My fingers "remember" the keys a lot faster with your system; it is an ideal way to start typing. Good luck with your typing tutor . . . it's effective and reasonably priced"
John Park
Chatham, Ontario Canada
February 3, 2003
"I have used the free part of the typing tutorial and am amazed at how much faster I am typing. Great!! Thanx"
Eve Monroe
Chadstone, Victoria Australia
January 31, 2003
"Amazing. Just a quick line to thank you for your typing tutorial. I would never have thought it possible, but it really does work. I now have so much confidence that I feel ready to tackle Microsoft Word . . . unfortunately, I am blessed with Millenium Edition but, with your magic touch, who knows. Many thanks "
John Tempest
York, England
October 29, 2002
"l've been busy with my typing. It's very good. l am impressed"
Dorothy Feild
Robinvale, Victoria Australia
September 1, 2002
"Thanks for such a great typing program. My son has learned a lot"
Ann Q. Partin
Gainesville, FL USA
August 23, 2002
"Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your wonderful typing tutorial. It is the first program that has really helped me learn to type without looking at my fingers constantly! "
Melissa McDonald
Akron, OH USA
August 19, 2002
"I am very happy with your typing tutor. I have tried many of the free online tutors as well (like EasyType), but I find them rather stressful for a beginner
Right now my typing speed is about 25 words per minute with no errors, which is incredibly good considering I don't look at the keyboard, something I have been doing for as long as I remember
So, what I am really saying is that, although it seems a bit silly to repeat sentences like animals in the snow, etc, it is a concept that actually works. In addition, your exercises are very well designed and really do help with getting the overall speed and accuracy up"
Birgitta K Bengtsson
San Bruno, California, USA
August 1, 2002
"Your program has been great. It has a cocky way of helping you remember the keyboard"
Nadine Fletcher
Chesapeake, VA, USA
April 15, 2002
"This thing really works. My wife is really typing away . . . "
Oscar Diaz
Staten Island, NY, USA
April 11, 2002
"Thank you, Georgie, it works!!! Your typing technique is UNBELIEVABLE!! My LEFT HAND is automatically remembering everything!!! WOW.......!!! This week I'll do the RIGHT HAND. Thank you so much!!"
Holly Foster
San Diego, California, USA
February 20, 2002
"I've been working on the Typing Tutor and it has helped my accuracy and speed immensely. Thanks for making it easy to use!"
Linda Lane
Leavenworth, KS, USA
February 17, 2002
"I love your guts. Your website has inspired me more than anything else in my encounter over the last many years. I needed to read your story to get started on how to do "complicated" things the easy way"
I never thought I could learn how to type without looking at the keyboard since everyone else teaches it in a complicated way. With your typing tutor, I CAN!! God bless you"
John Kananda
Dallas, Texas, USA
January 26, 2002
"It is a wonderful system"
Mike Broughton
Bristol, VT, USA
August 31, 2001
"Your method really works. I've tried the Mavis program with no success. I've avoided learning to type since high school (took physics instead) and have been getting by with the hunt and peck method for 20+ years. Now, after only two days, I'm typing this email without looking! Remarkable. A simple no nonsense method"
Maria Kinnunen
Belfair, WA USA
July 27, 2001
"I am thrilled to find your website! I have been using other programs which are adequate, but not helping the 10- and 12- year olds I'm trying to train. The trick will be not letting them look at the keyboard! This method is so creative. Congratulations!"
Diana Sanders
Monrovia, CA, USA
July 7, 2001
"My husband Paul has done two lots of 15 minutes on the typing tutor and is doing so well, he is very impressed . . . and he is not easily impressed; very sceptical in fact. If you ever want a testimonial, let us know"
Pat Ingledew
Rockhampton, Qld, Australia
June 6, 2001
"You were right, I am totally amazed at how quickly I was able to remember where the keys are. After 3 weeks of practice 1/2 hour per day, I can type with both hands. I never thought that it would be possible in any amount of time
As you say, the key is not to look at the keyboard. Thank you very much for what I consider a small miracle"
Phillip Henry
Stratford, Canada
May 3, 2001
"I loved your Free Preview so much that I ordered Nail it Now Typing Tutor right away. I will tell all the people I work with about it because it's so easy to use. We all need it. Thanks"
Melissa Eagen
Buffalo, NY, USA
April 9, 2001
"I have been enjoying the Nail it Now Typing Tutorial that I recently ordered. Just wondering when will Tutorial 2 - Microsoft Word be ready? I am eager to get started on it!
I desperately need it to get computer savvy and have tried other tutorials, but they haven't really helped much. If Tutorial 2 is as good as the Typing Tutorial, I expect I will be Microsoft literate in no time"
Austin TX, USA
March 21, 2001
"I am proud to say that I am presently up to speed at approximately 40 words per minute. I never would have imagined it was possible. Many thanks and praise for your remarkable and truly ingenious program. It is absolutely incredible. My goal is to reach 50 words per minute. I will keep you appraised of my progress. Thanks again, Georgie. Cheers!!!"
Peter N. Picini
Boston, MA, USA
February 10, 2001
"The Nail It Now title really grabbed my attention. I have spent hours searching for good sites. Yours is the best. It provided just what I needed for a quick fix without boring fillers
I have a new position as a Marketing Assistant. A lot of my projects are a "new beast" for me. I love it! I am looking forward to your typing tutorial. Keep me posted of any updates"
Frances Dailey
Los Angeles, California, USA
January 18, 2001
Exciting Class
"I used your method with my third graders . . .I loved it. Thank you - you are an answer to a prayer - how to make boring keyboarding more meaningful to my students"
Cecilia Thurston
North Palm Beach, Florida, USA
February 6, 2001
"Just finished the left hand and I have to say this is the first tutorial that's ever worked. This is the slickest thing since butter, mate. Remind me to send you a testimonial later on. Don't know yet if your system works for the right hand. We'll see"
Larry Umlor
Mass City, MI, USA
"I think it is great and the phrases to remember the letters are wacky. THANK YOU"
Tamara Afflick
Portland, Port Antonio, Jamaica
"I tried the trial and was convinced. It is FAST. I learned typing over 33 years ago, but failed to keep practicing. I find that with your method the speed and accuracy will be coming back fast! Thanks for giving me confidence! Great method!"
Jalbert Gionet
Notre-Dame-de-l'ile-Perrot, Canada
"I am actually using all my fingers to type this email to you - proof positive that your course has helped me immensely. After some forty odd years of hunting and pecking, I consider that to be quite a step forward"
Jane Pedlar,
Mississaug, Ontario, Canada
"It's nice to hear from you again. Well, 6 months have gone past very quickly and the colder months have set in here. The good news is that I now have an excellent typing speed! I can type at least 60wpm, can you believe it!! Your typing tutor was remarkable and it worked!! I am now teaching touch typing next semester at my local college (about 3 hours per week) to people whom, like me, were also slow at the keyboard
Thanks Georgie, your touch typing really did work. I stuck through it thick and thin and I practiced all the time; when I had the time that was!! But, now, I can say that I truly am pleased and I will DEFINITELY put in a testimonial for you
Thanks Again. Good luck with the business. I'm sure people will be as happy as I am, I just know it!"
Adam Italiano,
Benger, Perth, Western Australia
"I did the typing tutor free trial. I could not believe what I learned in a matter of 15 minutes"
Lisa Marie Munoz,
Orange, California, USA
"Georgie, your method was just great. I have tried quite a few different ways but, to tell the truth, yours seemed to help me the most. Just keep up the good work. Now, if it could help me to spell, it would be great"
Richard Taube,
Norristown, PA, USA

"Just wanted you to know I finished your typing tutor about 3 weeks ago and it really works! I took typing about 37 years ago, but hadn't typed in about 35 years. Thank you for making my computer much more enjoyable to use"
Terry Gannon,
Mesa, Arizona, USA

"So kool - this is a wonderful program. It helped my family learn typing painlessly. Now the homework is easier and they think about the homework, not the typing. It took away the intimidation and helped, with your unique refreshing exercises, everyone who used it
Phillip Trebil,
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

"I liked the whole concept and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great way to learn, without the pressure of being in a class or keeping to a deadline. I have taken my time and I have definitely picked up skill and speed. I am not quite where I would like to be, but that is my fault, I haven't been practising enough, but the fact that I have the worksheets of words, etc, I can pick it up when I have time"
Caroline Bice,
Centennial Park, Sydney, Australia

"I printed your typing tutor and I'm going fine so far, with a lot of muttering and occasional swearing, but I think that if I keep practising, I really will be able to touch type. It has been a most productive holiday occupation and I enjoy getting it right as often as I do already

It really is a great way of learning to type and I would cheerfully recommend it. If it had been around, I could have learnt to type years ago and saved much grief"
Margaret O'Cain,
Melbourne, Vic, Australia

"It's refreshing to order a product on the Internet that DOES what it says it will do"
Jack Blackwell,
Santa Barbara, California, USA

"Georgie, the tutor was great. At last I learned to touch type. I'm still a bit slower than my two-fingered method, but I'm getting better every day. Thanx"
Mick Mossman,
Botany, Sydney, Australia

"Georgie - I found it very easy to follow. I am not proficient yet, but I am sure that this is only because I haven't practised enough up to now"
Kevan Williams,
Willetton, Perth, Australia
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