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You learn the LEFT side
of the keyboard in around 35 minutes
Then, you TYPE the LEFT side exercises
Animals Snow Dig Food
OK, let's nail it now!
Place your fingers on the Home keys and TYPE:
accede ace access acre act added address adverse afar affected after age aggravate aggregate agree arcade area arrears arrest artefact assert assess asset attest attract average averse avert awe award axe aztec
baccarat bad badge badger bag baggage bar barb barber bare barge barrage barter base basset bastard baste batter bead beard bearer beast beaver bed bee beef beer beet beg beggar berate bereave beret berg beset best better beverage beware brace braggart brass brat brave bread breast breed breeze brew
cab cabaret cad cadet cadge cadre caesar cafe cage car carafe carat carcass card care career caress cart carve cascade case cassata cassette cast caste cat cataract cater cave caveat caw cease cedar cede craft crag crass crate cravat craft crave craw crease create creed cress crest crevasse crew czar
dad daft dagger dare dart data date daze dead deaf dear decade deceased decree deed deer deface defaecate defeat defect defer degrade degrease degree desecrate desert deserve dessert detect deter devastate dew draft drag draw dread dredge dresser drew dwarf
eager ear ease east easter eat eaves edge edward effect effete egg erase erect err estate etcetera evade eve ever ewe ewer exact exaggerate excavate exceed excess excrete exert extra extract
face facade facet fact fade fag far farce fare fast fat fate faze fear feast feat fed fee feed feet ferret fester fete fever few fez fracas free freeze fret
gadget gaffe gag gage garage garret garter gas gate gave gaze gazette gear gee geese geezer get grace grade graft grass grate grave grease great greed greet grew
You haven't learned u yet, so type the below q words without the u
quad quaff quag quart quarter quarterage quartet quartz quasar quaver queer quest
race racer rad radar raft rafter rag rage ragged rare rat rate rave raw raze razz react read reader recast recce recess recreate red reed reef reefer refer referee refract regard regatta regret reseat reserve reset rest restart restate retrace retract retread retreat rev revere reverse revert reward rex
sac sacred sad safe sag saga sage sard sarge sat sate savage save saver saw sax scad scar scarce scare scarf scat scatter scrag scree screed screw screwed sea sear seat secret secrete sect sedate see seed seesaw segregate serf serge serrate serve set settee setter sever severe sew sewage sewer sez staff stag stage stager stagger star stare start starter starve stat state stave stead steadfast steed steer steerage steeve steve stew steward strafe strata straw stress strew swag swagger swat swear sweat sweater swede sweet swerve
tact tad tag tar tare target tart tartar taste taster tat tatter tax tea tear tease teaser teat ted tee terra terrace terse test testate tester text trace tracer tract trade trader traverse tread treat tree tress trews tsar tsetse twat twee tweed tweet tsar
vac vacate vase vast vat vee veer veg vegetate verge verger verse versed vertex verve vest vet vex
wad wade wader wafer waft wag wage wager ward warder ware warfare wart was wastage waste waster water watt wave waver wax we wear weave wed wedge wee weed west wet wrest
zag zebra zee zest
* * * Congratulations * * *
You have finished the LEFT side
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