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A) In A Classroom Situation
Teacher Preparation
ALL you have to do is PRINT and make an overhead slide of each page
Equipment Needed In The Classroom
1 A computer with Microsoft Word on it for each student
2 An overhead projector and screen
In The Classroom
1 The teacher displays the overheads on the screen in order
2 The students open Microsoft Word and blindly follow the simple step-by-step instructions
A teacher in the UK came up with a great idea. At the TOP of most pages, it TELLS the student what he/she is going to DO and, then, lists the steps to take
She initially covered up the steps, only displaying the sentence/s TELLING the student what he/she is going to do, and encouraged them to have a free discussion about how to do it. She, then, uncovered the steps
B) NOT In A Classroom Situation
Each prospective user can be given the passwords to access the Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorial/s whenever they like
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