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Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials are unique
You don't have to think, read masses of text or work anything out for yourself
You blindly follow the steps, obediently clicking this tool, that command, this color box, that square, not having a clue what you are doing
And, when you finish,
"Wow, look what I did . . . it's SO easy"
Nail It Now Tutorial Succeeds Where Mavis Beacon Failed
Author: Marvin D. Silbert, Computer Editor, CanadaComputes
Published: October 9, 2002
Ten years ago, I decided it was time to learn how to type. I bought Mavis Beacon's typing tutorial, which was the premier program at the time, but I never got anywhere. I recently decided to make another attempt. This time, I went to AllTheWeb and entered "typing tutor". The first of some 100,000 references brought me to Nail It Now in Australia, where Georgie (the system's developer) offers a Web-based typing tutor . . .
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Nail It Now Web Site Review
Author: Cheryl Lewis, Managing Editor of Education, Suite101
Published: January 26, 2001
To sum up my opinion on Nail It Now, I find it to be awesome! The graphics are easy to see and follow and show you exactly what they look like within each program. The site is a breeze to navigate with the clean pages and color coding. The typing tutorial is priced exceedingly low in comparison to other programs that will take much longer to learn in my opinion. I know I'm excited about signing my daughter up for the Typing Tutorial. I'm looking forward to the release of the second Word Tutorial.I highly recommend this site!
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