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"I have already taught Tutorial 1, the Free one. Everyone loved it and they are re-registered for the class. We actually had a 100% sign up rate, which is the best ever, I think! So, your tutorial works. And, since I got reimbursed to order Tutorial 2, it might be possible for me to twist the County's Arm and order the typing tutorial, maybe, if anyone wants to take that or one of the other ones later. But, your product really works for Seniors. It's the only one that they actually like and understand very well"
Emily Pfister
Long Branch Community Center
Silver Spring MD USA
February 2, 2004
"The Nail It Now Microsoft Word material allowed us to deliver a quality, easy to understand, skills-based course to our students. It is well set out and sequenced, making it easy for teachers to refer students to specific tasks. It allowed students with some knowledge of Microsoft Word to skip through material they already knew. All round a great product
Some feedback from students and familites: "It was great", "I learned so much from this course, it was great", Never mind the kids, I thought it was fantastic", I thought it was really easy to follow and I enjoyed it", "I use Word heaps now"
William Newman, Ph.D
Alice Springs School of the Air
Alice Springs, NT Australia
October 23, 2003
"Have tried the freebies and students loved them. Can you do some more on the other MS Office applications?"
Susan J Reeves
Hayes, Middlesex UK
December 18, 2002
"I am an IT Manager/Network Administrator for a small company. I used your MS Word tutorials to develop a lesson plan with which to train the users I support.
Your step-by-step approach is easy to follow and makes the training enjoyable instead of boring. I would love to see similar tutorials on MS Excel as well as other Office applications. Keep up the good work."
Norm Grace,
Network Administrator
American Vulkan Corporation
Winter Haven, FL USA
June 14, 2002
"I work in an open access lab for the community where we offer free computer training, Office, e-mail, etc. This is free of charge. Most of our resources come from searching over the internet for sites like yours that offer free tutorials. So far yours is the best. Keep up the good job. Thanks "
Victor Rivera
Rocky Mount, VA, USA
January 4, 2002
"I am a school teacher, grades K-8. My children have learned a lot using your tutorials. Thank you and keep up the good work"
Michael Williams
Detroit, Michigan, USA
September 9, 2001
"I have been using your Tutorial 1 online and find it easy to understand and very, very helpful with regard to how to use Windows. I would like to know if I could make copies for about 12 teachers in my school and use it with them
I would also like to refer them to your web site for further practice and learning. We are switching to Word from WordPerfect and our teachers need a little bit of help to convert
Thanks for your help! Keep up the good work! The tutorial is wonderful. I learned a lot about Word that I did not know"
August 18, 2001
I made copies of Tutorial 1 and used it with my 12 teachers. They loved it. I recommended your web site to them to practice and to look for more tutorials. I really appreciate your allowing me to use the tutorials
Victor L. Meadows
Pamplin, VA, USA
July 24, 2001
"Students and parents have worked with your Microsoft Word Tutorial 1. 5th and 6th grade students found it easy to work with and it has helped parents learn more about computers. It has also helped me get more parents into the classroom to learn. I have ordered Tutorial 2"
Martha Rivera
Santa fe, NM, USA
July 10, 2001
"I was very impressed with Tutorial 1. I am head of the computer club in our 55+ community and will use it to help senior citizens get started with their first computer. Also our Church is starting an after school program in connection with a local middle school and I will be giving a beginners computer class. Now I have my lesson plan"
Dave Hardy
Tucson, AZ, USA
January 27, 2001
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