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The benefits are:
"Many middle school students are already doing all their writing assessments online and there is talk of fourth graders doing this too, but this would be a nightmare! They still hunt and peck at this age!"
Typing software programs in elementary schools have failed because:
1 Keyboarding has to be taught in isolation and, therefore, is the only computer skill that can't be integrated into the curriculum
2 Unbelievably, it takes years for children to learn correct hand placement:
o Grades 1-2 children only learn how to divide the keyboard into left-hand and right-hand letters and use the space bar and enter key
o Grades 3-6 children eventually learn correct hand placement, but they do it the hard way, using mindless repetition and typing random letters and, when they get out of the program and go back to the classroom, they go right back to their old ways with two fingers and are almost guaranteed to forget everything they have just learned
3 Children have no choice but to get into the bad habit of typing with two fingers
Teaching keyboarding to elementary school students does NOT have to be so hard
Our floor game for Grades 1-2 and Children's version for Grades 3-6 teach children the correct hand placement in four lessons of 30-minute each (each lesson can be split into two 15-minute lessons) and two lessons of 35 minutes each respectively
"The benefits are the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learner are all getting to learn their way. It uses all the senses and anytime a child can see as well as do, they remember better. I will teach my keyboarding classes this way from now on. It is fabulous!!!!"
Cindi Holt
K-4 Elementary Coordinator
Winfield Elementary, Alabama, USA
September 15, 2006
This new knowledge can be immediately integrated with the curriculum
"I am already using the lessons with them during their projects. It is helping them to find the correct keys much more quickly."
Lisa Riehl
Computer teacher - Grades K-1
St. Paul's Lutheran School, Smithville, OH USA
November 20, 2006
Children love computers and learning how to do new things, but it needs to be fun, make sense and give them a "Wow, I can do this" feeling. Our fun, fast, lateral-thinking method has all of these ingredients
If you are frustrated with children in the lower grades "playing" with the keyboard in typing software programs and worried about forthcoming testing using the computer, feel free to give our FREE Previews a "go":
Lesson Plans 1 and 2 Grades 1-2
Children's version Grades 3-6
Adult version Grades 7+
The subject of keyboarding in elementary schools is "hotting up" (even parents are asking questions) and the below comments about typing software programs were made by teachers taking part in discussions in popular online teacher forums
"As if you can just give kids a game to play and they'll master keyboarding! I have watched kids at this age play many different keyboard training "games" hoping (vainly) to find such a magic bullet program"
"Even AFTER several weeks of an introduction to proper fingering technique, when they play the games that are supposed to reinforce those lessons, most children will drop everything they've learned about proper fingering and just revert to two-finger pecking to GET POINTS (or whatever quick rewards the game offers)"
"I wish our schools would teach serious keyboarding down in the lower elementary; the sight of someone hunting and pecking with one finger makes me want to scream. My students are lovely people with many wonderful stories to tell, but they do not have the skills to make that possible. Watching them struggle to 'get it out' is heart-wrenching"
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