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Class Feedback
Teacher comment:
Georgie, I asked them to tell you what they thought of your program. I did not tell them what to say. I was as curious as you as to their reactions
Enjoy! More will be coming! Please remember they are only in third grade. To quote Karna, "You should be proud as a pig in mud." I had a hard time not to laugh. He asked if that would be okay. I said Yes - honesty above all!
Student comments:
"I like your program because it is very funny. You should be proud like a pig in mud." Karna
"I really enjoy asdfg and those other kinds of different sayings. I can tipe better." Chad
"Thanks for making this invention for us. It helped me a lot with my typing. I wondered how someone could." Samantha
"I think your idea was a great idea. Keep up the good work." Emily G
"I think your idea was a cleaver idea." Kayla
"I like your invention. It help." Dylan
"I think that your idea was great to make this up." Alexandra
"I think your idea is a shortcut through learning the letters. Thank you, for teaching us this lesson." Emily
"I love your program. It is very helpful. It helps me a lot." Cody
"I think the system you invented is great. Maybe you should change dig Easter chocolates to dad eats chocolate. It has really helped me. I think that you're a genius in inventing the program. Sincerely." Matthew
"Thank you for inventing this clever program. I like it very much. I think it was the cleverest idea anyone ever had. You are one in a million. It really helped a lot of us." Jessica
"Thank you for inventing this program for us. It helped me a lot." Alexander
"Thank you for making the program. The program you invented is great. I think dig Easter chocolate should be dig Easter candy." Jeremy
"I like your program. I love it. It helps us with our typing. Thank you a lot." Sarah C
"I think that your program is great. My computer teacher is really nice. I think Australia is cool. My favorite is jump up mountain." Rafael
"Thank you for your brilliant idea for the keyboard. Our computer teacher is very nice." Carleton
"I think your program is a success. It helps me when I type." Raphael
"I think your program is a great learn." Mary
"Dear Ms. Farmer, I think your typing program was good." Alex
"I think your program is super dee duper." Michael
"I like your program." Frank
"I think your typing program was a good idea." Catherine
"I think your typing program is the best ever!" Kristen
"Ms. Farmer I think that you helped me with your idea." Tess
"I love your new typing program." Alexandra
"I think it is cool that you live in Australia." Taylor
"I love your program because it is easier for me to type." Sara
"I love your idea. Keep it up I like the short cut. Mrs. Thurston is very sweet. It helps me a lot." Lauren
Student comments:
"Ms. Farmer I like your idea of learning how to type. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating but it helps. I really don't like the covers that cover the keys." Rachel
"Dear Mrs. farmer, We never have snow here, so we might change it to sand. Your typing program help. You had a good idea."Kelly
"Dear Ms. Farmer, It gets annoying and makes me type bad. I think the method should be better. It also gets kind of boring." Austin
"Dear Ms. Farmer, I like your idea but, sometimes, it is hard to do but it helps me." Austin D
"Dear Ms. Farmer, thank you so much for making this program to help typing, I have improved very much. I can type faster and I don't mess up as much." Elizabeth
"I think your way of learning how to type is very good, but I don't like it when our teacher makes us use the skins. What I mean by skins are the cover for the keys so we can't cheat." Kaitlin
"Thank you for this program I like it a lot. I am getting better at typing without looking. I like the idea about making this program. If you made another I would use it all the time." Molly
"I like your idea because it is easier for me. We have to wear skins on the keyboard." Sara
" I like your new system except we have to wear skins on the keyboard and it makes it harder to type. So when our teacher found the system you made I was so happy." Ali
"I really like your way of teaching kids how to type, it really helps me type." Kirsten
"I like your program because it helps me. I think it is really good. I forget it sometimes though." Kelly
"I really like your program. I like it because it helps me. Just sometimes I forget it. But it is improving my typing. I think you should send your asdfg and ;lkjh methods to different schools." Olivia
"I think your idea was great. Why I don't really like it is because we have to use skins. It does help me! Do you like Australia? I have always wanted to go there! I am in the 4th grade. Well got to go." Molly
"The skins don't help. But your way helped very much." Duncan
"I like your idea of learning how to type, but every time we practice, I'm always behind." Alexandra
"Dear Ms. Farmer, I don't like the typing method because it makes typing worse. It makes it so bad it's annoying. It's making my head explode!." Will
Teacher comment:
I debated about putting Will's comment in since it is so negative and, quite frankly, I feel he was doing it for attention or to see if I would really accept a negative comment
If I felt that it was bad for him, I would not be doing it. I do "watch" my students, which is why I went searching the net and found your method. Also, sometimes, we have different learning styles and this may not be Will's method (but it is mine and I am the teacher)
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