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Your child can learn the whole keyboard and correct finger use in two 35-minute lessons using fun association words
"Keyboarding should absolutely be introduced early. It is difficult to break a bad habit. Once children learn to hunt and peck, they truly believe that there is no other comfortable way to type"
To wait is to deprive your child of a foundational skill
To learn:
o The Home row: children repeat aloud two simple sentences "Animals in the Snow Dig for Food like Grass" and "The Semi-truck's Lights made the Kangaroo Jump High" as they type the letters in Microsoft Word
o The top and bottom rows: children repeat aloud five sets of association words for each hand, eg, "Food Raw Vegetables" and "Jump Up Mountain", as they type the letters
Within a couple of days, they should reach an acceptable typing speed. Within a couple of weeks, they should be typing faster than they could with two fingers. Then, the fingers will be flying over the keys and, parents and teachers, you will be able to cross keyboarding off your list of things to teach
"I just taught my 11 year old (who gets BORED with ANY repetitous task and gives up or whines and even cries wanting to stop). But after about a minute on your preview sample, HE CONTINUED effortlessly, for the first time. WE BOTH enjoyed each other, me teaching him and him learning it! I kept looking at other typing tutors the internet had to offer, but they did not compare to your method!"
Mrs Nilda Bienes, Casselberry, FL USA had this to say
after trying the FREE Preview with her son
Your child has the opportunity to develop proper keyboarding habits that will last a lifetime, enhance his/her ability to word process assignments and improve language arts skills
Your child needs to know how to touch type
Most Education Standards require students to know proper keyboarding positions and touch-typing techniques by the end of Grade 5
Traditional software methods are not
especially suitable for young children
"Even AFTER several weeks of an introduction to proper fingering technique, when they play the games that are supposed to reinforce those lessons, most kids will drop everything they've learned about proper fingering and just revert to two-finger pecking to GET POINTS (or whatever quick rewards the game offers)"
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