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Microsoft Word Is Easy When You Know HOW
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If you are a Microsoft Word novice
Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials are unique
You don't have to think, read masses of text or work anything out for yourself
You blindly follow the steps, obediently clicking this tool, that command, this color box, that square, not having a clue what you are doing
And, when you finish,
"Wow, look what I did . . . it's SO easy"
I chose to learn Microsoft Word in the comfort of my own home using the manual. It was time consuming: I had to wade through masses of text before I did anything. It was frustrating. It listed five ways to do something when I wanted to do it once and get on to the next step. It was intimidating. When I got stuck, it didn't tell me how to get unstuck. This made me feel really stupid many times
Looking back now, I realize that the feelings of intimidation and stupidity "clogged" my mind. How can you learn anything if your mind is full of "what if" thoughts, "what if I get stuck again?", "what if my computer blows up?"
I now know that the secret to learning a new computer skill like Microsoft Word is CONFIDENCE. How can you learn anything when you feel intimidated?
I hunted everywhere on the Internet for tutorials that give you confidence from the word GO and found none. Is it really too much to ask that tutorials consist totally of action steps, answer ALL your questions and lead you from one step to the next in the right learning sequence? I think NOT
So, I designed my own Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials. Creating tutorials that give you confidence from the word GO took three times longer than other tutorials, but it was worth it because I truly believe that confidence is the key to learning Microsoft Word
Tutorial 1, Getting Started (CONFIDENCE Builder) was specifically designed for the computer novice and it's FREE to give you a "taste" of the Nail It Now way of learning. Many current users who tried it say that, even though it is designed for the computer novice, they learned something new
Tutorial 2, Microsoft Word Is Easy When You Know HOW follows on from Tutorial 1 (you step from Tutorial 1 straight into Tutorial 2)
It's amazing to me that other Microsoft Word tutorials tell you so little about how dialogue boxes work or how to select. In fact, they tell you very little about lots of things. This is guaranteed to make you feel uneasy. To feel confident, you must understand thoroughly how things work
Tutorial 2 focuses on you understanding not just dialogue boxes and how to select, but many more things that will ensure that you get the most out of Microsoft Word. There's a nominal cost
Tutorial 3 Tabs, Tables, Tips and Tricks follows on from Tutorial 2 (you step from Tutorial 2 straight into Tutorial 3)
The one thing that strikes dread in the hearts of most current users of Microsoft Word is the ruler. Microsoft Word Tutorial 3 is the most comprehensive tutorial on the Microsoft Word ruler online
Tabs are great for simple columns, but Tables are essential for more complicated columns. Once you are CONFIDENT of using Tables in Microsoft Word, you will be amazed at how often you use them in your daily working life
The ruler is so easy when you know HOW. Tutorial 3 PART III Tabs takes around 15 minutes and the PARTS on Page Setup, Indents and Tables are actually great fun. You even learn how to type your resume in Tables. There's a nominal cost
Creator of Microsoft Word tutorials
PS You may like to read an article I wrote entitled "The Trials and Tribulations of Learning A New Computer Skill" about the time when learning Microsoft Word scared me almost as much as speaking in public
With all Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials, you get results FAST. This gives you an immediate thrill and CONFIDENCE!
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