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Step 5: Your Screen
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At the TOP of your computer screen, can you SEE four horizontal bars?
Title Bar
The first row shows the Title Bar
Menu Bar
The second row shows the Menu Bar
Standard and Formatting Toolbars
The third row shows the Standard and Formatting Toolbars
The fourth row shows the Ruler
You are going to show the Standard and Formatting Toolbar as two separate bars
Standard and Formatting Toolbars
On the Standard and Formatting Toolbar:
1 Move your mouse OVER this Toolbar Options tool
DON'T click on it, hover OVER it. A text box TELLS you it is the Toolbar Options tool
2 Click the Toolbar Options tool and its menu appears
3 Click Show Buttons on Two Rows
At the TOP of your computer screen, you should now SEE five horizontal bars
If you can't SEE ALL five horizontal bars, the next step TELLS you HOW to display them on your screen
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