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Method To Teach Correct Finger Use
We recently trialed eight popular typing software programs, BBC Dance Mat, Mavis Beacon 7, Nimble Fingers, Ten Thumbs, TypingMaster 7, Typequick, Type to Learn 3 and Typing Pal, used in elementary schools around the world to our method. Below are the results
Typing Software Programs Nail It Now typing method
Use random letter typing repetition to teach students correct finger use. No memory linkage or other learning strategy.

After minimal instruction on correct finger use, (eg "left pinkie types a"), students type random letters aided only by keyboard and/or finger prompts

Students could easily cheat to progress to next screen of random letters or to next step in game or animated story as programs only recognize when correct key is typed, not what finger is used

Students learn 2-4 keys per lesson. Between lessons, students could revert back to 2-finger typing for class work
NO random letter typing repetition. Students use two quirky sentences to memorize home row keys and association words for top and bottom rows

In around 2 hours, students learn correct finger use. In just 5 minutes, students type 9 words without looking at keyboard, with immediate sense of achievement
Students work alone in program. No opportunity for teacher-led class activities. Teachers would need technical expertise if program problems develop A fun class activity. NO teacher training necessary. Anyone can use this method
Student learning can't be reinforced using "real" class work when students are "locked" into program Students work in Microsoft Word, so learning can be integrated into "real" class work and reinforced at home
For students aged 7+. Junior version (grades 1-2) - students "play" with keyboard, but don't learn correct finger use Adult (grades 7+) and Children's (grades 3-6) versions, plus Junior version (grades 1-2) comprising four lesson plans - students learn correct finger use playing a game on a giant keyboard on the floor - "The benefits are the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learner are all getting to learn their way". Good for special needs students
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