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This site is all about my lateral approach to computer training for the many people who find computers intimidating
Four years ago, I could touch type, but I had no knowledge of Windows nor the Internet! Today, I sell my Typing Tutor around the world, I teach Microsoft Word and I have created and designed two Web Sites . . . so I know what I am talking about when I say learning any new computer skill is INTIMIDATING!
Most people today know that they need some kind of computer training. They say to me "I want to learn the computer, but I don't know where to start!"
In my view, computer training Step 1 is to learn to touch type. If you can't type, everything you do will be that much harder. Step 2 is to learn Microsoft Word, which is the stepping stone to using all Windows-based computer products. Step 3 is to learn about the Internet and, possibly, some web design
I learned Microsoft Word using the manual (boring) and I learned web design using (mostly) free online tuitions. I am now convinced (passionate) that blindly following simple step-by-step tuitions in the comfort of your own home is the best type of computer training
Let me explain. You follow the steps not having a clue what you are doing . . . BUT . . . then, you see the results and you think, "Wow, I can do this". This is mega important. Instead of being scared, you are CONFIDENT! It's amazing how easy computers are IF you know how and IF you feel confident
The computer training on this site is amazingly easy because it's simple and comprises step-by-simple-step instructions, which you follow blindly . . . and, then, gain confidence when you see the results
Don't expect the usual formal (boring) training techniques; I use quirky words and ideas, anything that helps you gain confidence and the feeling that "you CAN do (nail) it!" . . . And, guess what? It WORKS!
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